Monday, October 8, 2007

The Pursuit Of Cool

Back from Salzburg where I attended the opening of a two person show (Frank Gaudlitz's series "Waiting for Europe" and my "Them Over There") I found myself with some extra free time cause a trip to Bolzano had been canceled. Spent most of that time playing round with my new toy:

No doubt I was in (hopeless) pursuit of cool when I bought it (further reading: "The Rebel Sell", a highly polemic and at times superficial but nevertheless enlightening book). But who knows what that purchase might lead to. Eleven years ago I got my first SLR (I was 26 then). Only six years and some 20 rolls of film later I decided to give up journalism and start a career in photography which has fed me ever since (well, not exactly ever since, but for the last four years). So watch out for an aspiring 47-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist in 2017! (Did I just write singer???)

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Lisi said...

While waiting for your career as a singe, I had a look on your photos at galerie fotohof. Listening to the interviews, staring at the pictures for nearly one hour, at the end I really had the feeling to get an idea of this people.