Wednesday, October 31, 2007

From Now On ...

Gone are the days when I did not feel too bad about not feeding this blog on a regular basis. Last week "Left-Eyed Right-Handed" has been added to a very reputable list of blogs on photography, art and journalism by Magnum blog. Since then the number of visitors to this site has multiplied, leaving me with the duty to prove that I deserve that honor. Phew, it ain't easy.

When I started this blog half a year ago one of my motivations was to overcome the ignorance towards that medium which is common among German speaking photographers. Just a couple of days ago Jörg Colberg (the king of photography blogs whose doctorate in astrophysics might have helped him find a way to live 48-hour days) once again deplored that fact ("No interaction, please, we're German!"). Well, actually I am not German, my Hanseatic neighbors even doubt that my Austrian slang has anything in common with the language of Goethe and Schiller. Nevertheless we Austrians aren't so entirely different from the Germans regarding the reluctance to share one's own experience or someone else's happiness, while sharing is key to creating meaningful blogs. (Will I be excused for propagating national stereotypes by including myself? Guess not...).

That is to say I still have to grow into my role as a blogger. Please stay tuned!


JM Colberg said...

Good for you! Keep going and show the Germans how it's done!

dagmar schwelle said...

Thank you, dear King of photography blogs! I'll try my best.