Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Planet Tokyo

By clicking on the image above (or here) you can see my sound and vision encounter with Tokyo. Unlike the multimedia piece on Istanbul I did earlier this year I did not gather audio this time. Well, actually I did, but the tiny recording thingy for my iPod was not really up to the task (don't say they didn't warn you...). That's why I created some audio myself. Tell me what you think - I am not so sure about it.


Anonymous said...

Wir haben die Tokyo-Fotos sehr genossen und ausserdem alle anderen Fotos auf der Seite angeschaut und für sehr gut befunden :)

Viele Grüße aus der Anonymität!

Lisi said...

Wow, even the leaves in the park are clean and properly arranged. Somehow a clinical surronding. I'm not sure, if I like this.


fizz said...

Actually, having lived in Tokyo for a year or so, I enjoyed your soundtrack. Tokyo has such a deep cultural foundation and there seems an almost reverence (not so sure that is the right concept, but it will do) for that history and code (even if it seems unconscious) and it is so very futuristic and more now than now at the same time. I thought your music expressed this very well. Put a smile on my memories.

Anonymous said...

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