Tuesday, May 1, 2007

At night

Due to a nocturnal bout of cowardice (and after reading some disquieting info about copyright issues) I change the title of this blog to "Left-Eyed Right-Handed"...


Peter said...

I liked the old one, but the new title is funny as well. And a title is just a title, or not? Did you see this one: Alec Soth about Titles.

Copyright, yeah. We all must make our living, but these old laws never fit to digital age.
Whoever runs a website sails close to the wind.

dagmar schwelle said...

And a title is just a title

Well, the old title was borrowd from lyrics which I thought was ok copyright-wise. But then I read that fair (free) use of copyrighted material would only be possible for educational purposes or - as it was lyrics - in publications of a musical critic. Neither of which I had in mind so I better backed down.