Monday, March 26, 2007

Feedback Loop

In those long days before myfirstbook (see below and soon above) hits the shelves I stocked up on even more booksbyothers than I usually do in such a time span. Among them was Stephen Shore's "The Nature of Photographs" (Phaidon). An all-purpose book: for those with more than a slight and those with more than enough interest in photography; for those who tend to own only a handful of books on photography and for those who have to have them all.

Shore as a teacher. I'll borrow his last paragraph (which sounds familiar):
When I make a photograph, my perceptions feed into my mental model. My model adjusts to accommodate my perceptions (leading me to change my photographic decisions). This modelling adjustment alters, in turn, my perceptions. And so on. It is a dynamic, self-modifying process. It is what an engineer would call a feedback loop.
It is a complex, ongoing, spontaneous interaction of observation, understanding, imagination, and intention.

If you feel the same you can buy the rest here

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