Tuesday, December 30, 2008

End of Year Praise

Ever noticed the persistent gender divide in photography? Many male amateurs believe that they need pro equipment to adequately shoot orchids or sunsets, while even ambitious and talented females would never spend more than 700 Euro for camera+lens (and still feel extravagant). Female pros do own the heavy gear but contrary to their male colleagues show no interest in talking about it. Let me break that rule for some end-of-year praise.

It's about empowerment. Just as we accept the fact that we will most probably never walk on water, we knew that low light situations had some implications for photography (grain, noise, blur or tripod, flash etc). Romanticizing part of it (grain, blur) helped overlook the limitation it meant. Then came Nikon and introduced a full frame sensor on which the pixels sit so comfortably that they allow you to shoot at ISO 1600 and even 3200 without feeling guilty. Admittedly that's yesterday's news. Still it is so fantastic and in my opinion it has not yet received the appreciation it deserves.

So darkness does not have to be a limitation. Remember that in 2009!